Banana Masters - the top 10 Game Center players:


  1. Mr. Dragon
  2. Herr Plarsson
  3. Mrs. Dragon
  4. Bali4Life
  5. IrockiT
  6. Triumphia
  7. Simba
  8. Aragon
  9. TrueThree
  10. HordingHarry


This list is updated once a week, every Monday.

Keep on playing to make it to next weeks update and to be listed here in the Banana-Tastic hall of fame!

Banana Masters - Can you make it to the top?

Every week, the 10 most Banana-Tastic players will be listed here on

Do you want your name to be shown in the toplist to the right? Just keep on playing, the only way is up!

Here's a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Remember to play strategically, use the right weapons at the right time.
  • Level up Ulu to become stronger, faster and even more powerful.
  • Save up on Holy Bananas and Zero second nuclears. It can be a life-saver!

March 28 2013:

Dragon Game Studio is proud to present:

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