Q: I bought the ad-free version. Now the ads are back?
A: Try to restore your purchase from the settings menu.

Q: Will Don't Steal My Banana come to more platforms?
A: Definitely! Expect an Android and a Kindle version soon!

Q: I have a problem with the game.
A: Just click the "Contact" button above and email us your questions, problems or other feedback that you might have.

Q: I love Don't Steal My Banana. Will there be a sequel?
A: Most likely! Keep supporting & loving us and we will do our best to bring you more Banana-Tastic games.

Q: I wan't to be number one on the leaderboards. Any tips?
A: Keep on playing. Don't give up no matter how much those starving beasts try to make your life miserable.

Q: How can I earn more free Holy Bananas?
A: Keep sharing your score on Facebook & Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where does Baby Ulu live?
A: He lives in Bali, island of the Gods.

Q: Where did the magical banana come from?
A: Nobody knows for sure. Some say it was an act of the Balinese Gods, some say Aliens dropped it...

Q: Why do the hungry beasts try to steal the banana?
A: Because its magical! And it's made out of gold!

Q: How old is Baby Ulu?
A: 5 monkey years. Which is equal to 2 human years.

Q: Does Baby Ulu have a family?
A: He's got a mother, a father & an older brother.

March 28 2013:

Dragon Game Studio is proud to present:

Don't Steal My Banana

Available for FREE on Apple App Store and Google Play... It's time to get your Banana groove on! Have you got what it takes to become the best?!